Keira Kay Irish

35 copy Keira Kay IrishWelcome to Keira Kay Irish, my great niece.  Isn’t she the sweetest, cuddliest, softest love bundle?  Proud parents are Guy and Lindsey Irish, grandparents are Dean and Kay Srader and great grand parents are Forest and Wanda Srader and Tom and Faye Carpenter.

She had so much hair, love it!


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Irish is a family name.  Kay is her grandmother’s name. Thanks to Uncle Matthew for the soft blanket.

71 copy 682x1024 Keira Kay Irish

Hmmmm, Do I really want to be a princess?

83 copy Keira Kay Irish

Yawn…this princess stuff is hard work!

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Webb Family

The Webb Family, Matt, Arica and precious newborn, Fiona met us at the I-20 Wildlife Preserve.  It was sunny but the breeze had a bit of chill in it.

Matt and Arica are a multi-talented couple with abundant skills and gifts.  They both are musically inclined and creative. Matt made the guitar he is holding.  I told you!  I have admired this sweet couple.  And now sweet dainty, Fiona has joined the story. This lucky girl is surrounded by two sets of grandparents, aunts, and uncles and cousins in the area.  Can’t wait to see her gifts come alive!

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Baby Girl-Harper Martinez

Baby Girl, Harper Martinez was the most joyful, smiley sweetheart.  Fell in love with her bubbly personality. I mean just look at those expressions, and those eyes will melt your heart.  Oh yeah, she’s going to bring so much joy to this world.  Her daddy made the adorable chalkboard sign.  Absolutely love it!

Proud parents are E.J. and Kara Martinez.  My cousins, Rick  and Lynette Rhoads are the proud grandparents of this sweet love.

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Kara - February 7, 2014 - 5:54 pm

Thank you so much for photographing my sweet girl! The pictures are awesome! And I love the way you described her, she definitely brings us lots of joy :).

Newborn Riley Rhoads

Oh my what a cutie patootie.  Newborn Riley Rhoads is my cousin’s sweet grandson, born to Westin and Michelle Rhoads.

He is definitely all boy, with his big chocolate drop eyes, lovely olive skin and dark hair.  He is destined to be an amazing athlete like his daddy or a romping cowboy.  He joins sweet big sisters, Zay’d and Addison.

31 5x7 copy Newborn Riley Rhoads37 copy Newborn Riley Rhoads67 copy1 662x1024 Newborn Riley Rhoads83 8x10 copy Newborn Riley Rhoads98 5x7 copy Newborn Riley Rhoads

Mendenhall Kids L.O.V.E. Mini Session

This is the third time with these sweet kids and every time we have the best time.

Maisie 14, Bradley, 8, Austin, 2 and Rylee 2 months are always a delight.  Each one brings their own little twist to the session.

Austin was just fine as long as we fed him chocolate kisses.  (yes, I  bribe and I admit it).  I love his chubby round face and big eyes!

Bradley is the class clown and so fun to be around.  He put his own colorful outfit together.  Loved it!  But he is also going to be the heartbreaker.  I mean just look at those poses of the little handsome.

Maisie amazes me with her subtle dramatic side.  I love her no-smile photos.  Her eyes!  She is always humming some song, sketching and looking forward to getting involved in drama.

And then sweet Rylee is growing so fast.  You may remember her from this session here.  Her super talented mom, Stephanie crochets the cutest outfits and hats.

Love, love the Sisters and Brothers photos!  Enjoy!

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